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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pottery dishwasher safe?

Yes – the designs are fired at about 800°C so there is no problem with dishwashers. The only exception is any product edged with gold – the gold will wear off in time.

Is the pottery microwave safe?

Yes, except do not put anything with gold in your microwave – the pot will survive but your microwave may not!

Will the colours fade?

The colours will not fade because the design has been well fired in a kiln – the colours will last 100s of years.

Where can I buy replacement pots?

If the design is ours you can buy from us direct at the pottery either in person, by telephone or email. If they are designs which we have produced for other customers, you would be referred to that customer where possible.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards from individuals. If you are a company we will organise a VAT invoice for you to pay

Can you send the goods?

We are happy to send by post or by courier. Please ask for details of prices

When will I receive my order?

When you order we will always give an indication of when to expect the goods. When the goods are ready to go, we will normally contact you to let you know

What kind of images can I have on pots?

The world is your oyster! We can produce any item from a single colour to multicoloured designs. We have used images from watercolours, pencil drawings, oil paintings and photographs through to corporate logos and crests and even just people’s names.

We also have available our own designs which you can order. See the ‘Patterned China’ part of this website

Is there a minimum order?

We can produce just one up to many thousands of items. When you are ordering a number of items in your chosen design, we will always produce a proof for you to see prior to production of your order. The last thing we want is for you to receive your order and it is not what you were expecting!

How do I send my artwork?

If you have a digital image you can use email and send the image as an attachment. Please send it at 300dpi resolution – this is important so that we can achieve a good sharp image when we are printing the transfers so that the end result after firing is good.

If you do not have a digital image, you can send a letter heading, leaflet or whatever you have available. We will let you know if what you send will be sufficient to produce a good image.